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Bubbles Gum is Timmy's blue female whatnot neighbor and friend in The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth. She loves to read and always helps Timmy out when saving the world from bad guys like the Cavity Goon, Ms. Sweety and the Gingivitis Gang and always goes out on adventures with him. She sometimes tends to take lead of things. She's also smart and sometimes uses words that Timmy doesn't understand. She is very trustworthy and sometimes assigns missions to Timmy and Brushbrush when needed.

She first appears in "Timmy in Space", where she assigns Timmy on an important space mission, but warns him that it might be dangerous because he and Brushbrush must go out on a far out galaxy. Later when Timmy and Brushbrush are lost in space, he contacts mission control and Bubbles appears on the monitor again. He tells her that he and Brushbrush are lost in space. She tells him that he forgotten his planets, but Timmy remembers earth, so she sings her a song about the planets around the solar system. She also tells them to be ready for the important space mission to the planet shmengee to save it from the Cavity Goon and Ms. Sweety. She also gives out directions on how to get to the stolen planet: going all the way to neptune, seeing three asteroids on the left, and then turning right, then going to pluto, but not turning, but just going straight until he leaves the solar system, and then arriving to the fourth planet on the left. Later, when Timmy and Sidney Cyclops's plans failed, Timmy talks to Bubbles via walkie talkie that both their plans failed, so Bubbles tells Timmy that what he needs is a bigger better bolder plan. After the plan having to suceed, Timmy talks to Bubbles again via walkie talkie, she tells him to return to Flossmore Valley, but Timmy has one more thing left to do while on the planet. She appears again with other charaters cheering for Timmy and Brushbrush in the song "Here They Come".

In "Molar Island", she did a character other than herself. A hawaiian chief dressed in hula garb. When Timmy asks whats happening around the island, Paste suggests that Timmy has to ask Chief Bubbles herself. She appears from the hut speaking hawaiian and other random things for Paste to translate in which he's confused on. The tribe worships the chief while she's over yonder in a deep meditative space which is also the shadiest spot on the island in which Sidney finds it very sensitive to the sun. Bubbles then notices a shaking island on their feet when she sneezes, which means that the Ancient Crown of King Cuspid has been stolen. When her tribe notices that the Gingivitis Tribe is coming, the good tribe tells their chief to come out, when Timmy and the Gingivitis tribe come back with the ancient crown, just in time for the island to sink when they put the ancient crown of King Cuspid back to where it belongs. After that, the chief gives out a necklace for saving their island from sinking and bringing the two tribes together as friends. Back in the real life, she and Timmy's other friends wake up Timmy from his nap and ask Timmy and Brushbrush what they were doing on their dream vacation dream and tell them they could come to the park and play with the ancient frisbee of Flossmore Island.

In "Malibu Timmy", when Timmy and Brushbrush are ready for the beach, she and Timmy's other friends are ready for the beach too and they want Timmy and Brushbrush to jump on in the car. As they drive their way to the beach, they start singing about how they are excited to go their. When they get there, Miss Flossie and Waxie also come to the beach with them. When it's time to jump in the water, Timmy wants to play a game of tag, so Bubbles suggests that too but only in the water. She was also seen as one of the noticers when a lifeguard tells the patrons that he also helps people who don't know how to swim. She was also seen as one of the backup singers for the song "If I Could Only Swim". She was seen as the first contestant for the first heat of the First Annual Invitational Guys and Girls Who Can Swim Surfing Contest, Bob and Big Dan the Surfing Man tell her that she wasn't always at home on a surf board. She tells the two surf announcers that at first she was actually scared to try swimming and surfing, but once she got the hang of it, she just loves it. When the surfing starts, she was seen surfing, but wiped out. Later, after the dream-sequence in this episode, she and her other friends are trying to wake Timmy up from the dream he just had and tell him that they have a surprise for him. It was a swimming pool complete with swimming lessons from Gil the Grouper who tell them that by the time their three week class is over they'll be swimming like fish, lobsters maybe, and tells them the most important lesson while swimming: let's have fun!

In "Lost My Brush", she gets another phone call from Timmy and asks him if he was Brushbrush where would he go. Timmy answers the park which is his favorite place to be, and the beach, but Timmy can't do all those things before dark. So Bubbles suggests that Brushbrush will be back before he knows it, and in the meantime, she'll call all of their friends in order to form a search party in which she did. Meanwhile, she and Timmy talk to Emmett on how he saw Brushbrush running off while chasing butterflies and tomorrow's mail delivery hour in twenty-two hours and four minutes. After Timmy gives up on finding Brushbrush, Bubbles confides him that he'll be back some time, and tells Timmy to get some rest. She was also seen with Timmy participating and concentrating on where Brushbrush can be inside Sherry the Fairy's fortune telling globe, when they notice that Brushbrush has been lost, so Timmy goes out to find him, so Bubbles and Sherry follow him. When the Cavity Goon and Sweety try to stop Timmy, the Goon got hit in the head by the door revealing Brushbrush, Sherry and of course, Bubbles. Bubbles tells Timmy that she and Sherry found him at the lost and found in which the Goon and Sweety find the place where they put him at.

In "Spooky Tooth", she is first seen talking to Timmy on the phone about the most splendifferous thing that has happened. She is revealed to in charge of the Pyramid Preservation Society. They've given her a special uniform in everything. Timmy asks her that if she wants to wear them in the costume party. She forgotten all about the costume party and she wonders if they'd like to come to the pyramids with her. Timmy and Brushbrush would love to come to the pyramids so they did, and so while they're on their way to the pyramids, Bubbles is wearing her sunglasses, as they see the Ancient Pyramid of King Tooth Uncommons. She tells Timmy that it is a very uncommon place and Timmy tells her that it was built about a gazillion years ago, in which Bubbles responds 3,027 to be exact. When they made it, a frackle warns them to not go in there, so they go in there anyways with a map. While inside the pyramids, Bubbles without her sunglasses now, Timmy and Brushbrush, encounter bats, and get caught by cobwebs by a spider named Rodney which means he's not harmless but humorous. She tells the spider that she's on a pyramid investigation and they must be off, but they go for a joke before they go any further. When they hear some moaning, they notice that its just the wind. When the moaning gets louder, they try not to look closer but do it anyways revealing a crying mummy? The mummy tells Bubbles, Brushbrush and Timmy what happened was that he was playing with his ball and bounced down the stairs and followed it and it got darker and he was lost. His name was revealed to be as Mumfred the Mummy. Timmy tells the sad mummy that Bubbles is in charge of the pyramids and she tells the mummy that they should always look for someone in charge when they're lost. Mumfred realized that he's lost all along. So Timmy, Bubbles and Brushbrush cheer him up with a happy show tune to try to cheer him up. After that, Mumfred feels better but still lost, but Bubbles has a map to guide the way to get Mumfred back to his family. After falling down the trap door, they discover the Uncommon Library where they found a Book of Spells so Bubbles decides to read it, she reads that it is for those who read and that the alphabet is all they need, and they suggest a word and the book will spell the letters of the word they tell. Bubbles suggests apple and the book spells it for her, while Timmy suggests cat in which the book spells the word for him. They encounter another book called the Book of Pyramid Fun which tells jokes. It tells jokes to Bubbles, Timmy, Brushbrush and Mumfred, until Timmy has a joke that the book hasn't written yet. Bubbles enounters yet another book, she decides not to open it, when Timmy decides to open it. The pyramid starts to shake once the book was opened, when Mr. Wisdom pops out of the book with a red crown and starts singing how he was the ancient king of the pyramids and Flossmore Valley. Bubbles comments that it was a great and noble song, when Timmy asks how to get out of the pyramids to which Mr. Wisdom tells them that he who leans in other places finds himself in other spaces and he gets back in the book. Bubbles finds a door to get out of the pyramids, when they try to open the pyramids start shaking again, but Brushbrush went through the door to get some help. When the remaining characters try to dig their way out the other side of the door, they tried everything, even pushing a button until they notice another door opening for them in which they tremble in fear, but the door reveals Rodney the Spider who has another joke for them, and tells them that there is an ancient pyramid elevator where they thought of everything back then. He starts telling them another joke on how they can't starve in the desert because of the sandwiches there. They go up Rodney's back and took the elevator to get to where Brushbrush is currently in the pyramids, which would be with Mumfred's parents, in which Mumfred has been finding all this time he was playing with his ball and bounced away down the stairs and followed it and got lost. Mumfred tells his mummy the whole story which lasts a long time, Bubbles, Timmy and Brushbrush fell asleep. When Mumfred finishes his story, Bubbles, Timmy and Brushbrush notice their watch tells them that it's time to go back home in time for the dress-up party, in which they did. Bubbles is dressed as a witch for the dress-up party. She and the other party guests see Timmy dressed as a mummy in which he can't see a thing.

In "The Brush in the Stone", she plays a character other than herself. She plays Bubbles Hood. Her character in the story first appears when Squire Timmy travels on through the Not-So-Sure-Its-A-Forest where he encounters Bubbles Hood who warns him not to go in there without a secret passage in a mean way. She introduces herself as good deed doer and protecter of the Not-So-Sure-Its-A-Forest, and she wants the password before he goes any further, in which he tries three times, but Bubbles Hood declines. Timmy tries to tell her the password so he could go in, but it might be cheating, so Timmy asks her please, in which it is the secret password. Timmy tells her that he's on a quest to find the polka berries to save the king from suffering the polka berries. Bubbles Hood joins the mission because of what Timmy says. When Bubbles Hood and Timmy arrive to the Gingivitis Gang's turf of the Not-So-Sure-Its-A-Forest, she asks them why Timmy can't give a try to pull the brush from the stone. Darol the Grouch answers because Timmy didn't say the magic word. Timmy and Bubbles answer please, in which the gang finds it funny. They try an original secret password to let Timmy have a chance to pull the brush from the stone. After Timmy pulls the brush in the stone, a shopping bill comes out of the stone in which Bubbles reads its as with a mighty brush in hand he's been chosen to defend the land, and without a horse or any wagon, he must go and slay the dragon by referring to Timmy. When they reach another part of the forest, they discover the polka berries and start picking on them when they discover a shadow dragon which is controlled by the Cavity Goon and Miss Sweety as it scares Timmy and Bubbles so it could eat them all up. Little Brush discovers the two puppeteers as he nabs them and the bad guys start chasing the brush. That is until Timmy tells the bad guys he's on a quest, but the Goon and Sweety don't believe him, so Timmy decides to give the Goon and Sweety a chance for something to trade. Timmy decides to give them old puppets. Bubbles Hood also appears with the squire to celebrate the celebration of the cured King Louie who has no more itchy polka dots thanks to the polka berries.

In "An Eye for a Tooth", she appears seeing what happened to Sidney's bike when she goes to get her morning papers. She also helps Sidney by getting the Gingivitis Gang out of the way from him by telling the gang to move along. She helps Timmy out by making Sidney feel better by singing to him that he's one of a kind and there's no one quite like him. After that, Sidney feels better and proves himself to be the greatest paper boy until he crashes Mr. Bonkers' window. She and Timmy help Sidney with some target practice, until he accidentally tossed it right behind him into Bubbles in which Sidney accidentally referred to her as Annette. Bubbles suggests that Sidney should get his eyes examined. So they go to Timmy's house to do an eye doctor-esque test for Sidney to try out, but he answers incorrectly. So she suggests that Sidney should wear glasses, but Sidney declines, but Bubbles proves to him that a lot of famous people wear glasses so they show a slideshow of famous people who wear glasses and the reasons why they need glasses. After the slideshow, Bubbles shows Sidney a magnifying glass, which will help Sidney see very better, but how is Sidney supposed to throw his papers, ride his bike, walk, or hold a magnifying glass at the same time? Bubbles shows a magazine of glasses of all kinds to Sidney, but Sidney only see two eye glasses for one-eyed paper boys. Sidney gives up, until they hear a crash, so Bubbles, Timmy, and Brushbrush better save Sidney from being stuck in a tree in which Annette Bruner Prower found him stuck when Paste sees the paper boy stuck in a tree so they all try to pull the cyclops out of the tree by the legs. Meanwhile, Timmy, Bubbles and Annette go to the workshop to put a magnifying glass taped on to Sidney's hat to make him see better. When finished, they give Sidney a surprise: The vision-ator which is the magnifying glass taped onto his hat with string so he can see very well. They celebrate by beginning a picnic when they find Timmy's favorite picnic bowtie, when Sidney found it right where Timmy left it. Their picnic is just about to begin as Timmy starts wearing his special picnic bowtie.

She made a cameo appearance at the end of "Rainy Day Adventure", where she was seen playing frisbee with Timmy, Brushbrush and their friends.

In "Big Mouth Gulch", she was first seen telling a story of how Prince Fearless and the dragon became bestest friends. When Miss Flossie comes in, story time is about to begin. She and Timmy begin to sing about how story time is the greatest. Miss Flossie brings a story titled "Big Mouth Gulch" so Timmy starts reading the story to Bubbles and Miss Flossie. In the story, she plays as Page Turner, the town librarian. The character was normally a background character in the story, but had a small line when the Dry Mouth Saloon patrons apologize for arguing after the lemonade hit the patrons. She also participated in the Legend of Goony the Kid as well as the spelling bee. Miss Page Turner's biggest part of the story when the Big Mouth Gulch patrons agree to have Goonius Nemesis the Third, when Miss Turner decides to do something about it when she goes up to the booth and proves to the Big Mouth Gulch citizens that Goony's really Goony the Kid. She also tells them not to judge a book by it's cover, and tells them that they're persuaded for what Timmy has done to Big Mouth Gulch and how they forgot how Timmy built the library he built with his own two hands. The denizens all cheer for Sheriff Timmy, until he picks up the stolen necklace Sweety stole from Seniorita Anita, which changes his life for good.


  • The Adventures of Timmy the Tooth
    • Timmy in Space
    • Molar Island
    • Malibu Timmy
    • Lost My Brush
    • Spooky Tooth
    • The Brush in the Stone
    • An Eye for a Tooth
    • Rainy Day Adventure
    • Big Mouth Gulch

Fun FactsEdit

  • She has a tendency to call Timmy
  • She moved to Flossmore Valley from a farm and cares for all creatures great and small.
  • She sometimes works for the Pyramid Preservation Society of Flossmore Valley.



  • In PuppetGreetings, she was reused as Brenda. The puppet was also used for a music video singing "Fly Me to the Moon" wearing a Santa hat and a black shirt.